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August 4, 2017  Pilgrimage to Manoppello/Italy to the "Volto Santo" with Dom Theodoro de Oliveira and Family Badde. It was a great and very spiritual experience and we could understand St. John: "...and he saw, and believed" (John 20:8).

July 23, 2017  Ceremony of the ordination of David Philip Knipe and Ezenwa Emmanuel Igboanugo into the diaconate.

January 21./22. 2017 The ceremony of the appointment of our Bishop as a honorary academician in the Academia Teutonica di Sicilia "Enrico vi di Hohenstaufen" under the patronage of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order.

January 21./22. 2017 Celebrazione Ecumenica della Parola per commemorare i 500 anni della Riforma Luterana.

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