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Church Property (Monastery with guesthouse)


We want to buy this property as a place for the Glory of God and as the center of our diocese. So we ask for your prayers that the Lord may prepare the way for that. It is always important that His will be done, not ours. Please keep us in your prayers.


Church Vacancies


The Ordinariate of the Anglican Catholic Diocese of Christ the Redeemer in Italy offers a place of work for a

Priest / Deacon / Church employee

Our headquarter is located in a beautiful place in Umbria near Assisi with offices, apartments, guest house and church to serve our Lord... Read more...



New Lectionary in German


The new Lectionary is now available in German language.

The ISBN is:  978-3-945233-13-9


Baliato di Santa Maria degli Alemanni - Sicilia


Ha avuto luogo il 14 ottobre 2017, presso la Chiesa capitolare Teutonica del Sacro Cuore in Monreale, a margine del Conveniatannuale che ha preceduto la Veglia d’armi e l’adorazione eucaristica prima delle investiture, la consegna delle insegne di accademico onorario dell’Accademia Teutonica Enrico VI di Hohenstaufen, al Vescovo Anglicano Mons. Theodoro A. C. de Oliveira. (To read the full article, please click on the image.)

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