Church Vacancies

The Ordinariate of the Anglican Catholic Diocese of Christ the Redeemer in Italy offers a place of work for a


Priest / Deacon / Church employee


Our headquarter is located in a beautiful place in Umbria near Assisi with offices, apartments, guest house and church to serve our Lord. We are looking for a man of God who will faithfully and consistently maintain the Anglican catholic doctrine of the Church, having also the ability to encourage growth and provide pastoral care.


The candidate should also have a secular profession, preferably as gardener, or as office administrator or in the area of facility management. Preferably, the candidate speaks at least two languages, one of them must necessarily be English.


The post is a full-time position. We offer a modest monthly salary and also a small apartment. We can also imagine a group of monks who want to serve the Lord in a new place, or a married couple with a heart for Jesus and the Church.


Please send your application including all documents by e-mail to: We would like to discuss all further details in a personal conversation with you.


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