Who we are - what we stand for

The Anglican Catholic Diocese of Christ the Redeemer is part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and stands for traditional Episcopalianism in the Anglican tradition (Affirmation of St. Louis 1977). We belong to the Anglican Province of Christ the Saviour and are focused upon the proclamation of the gospel message of redemption through Christ Jesus our Lord. 


We represent traditional Episcopalianism in the Anglican tradition. With our heart, mind and soul always connected to the sacramental worship of Almighty God, we know that the gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ must and can be faithfully preached by His Church throughout all ages.


OUR BELIEFS are based on the teaching of the Bible and the ancient creeds of the Church. We use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer as the basis for our worship. OUR MISSION is to worship God, serve Jesus Christ, and to bring mankind to Jesus and His Church by: 


1. Proclaiming biblical truth through Catholic order as it is embodied in the historic Book of Common Prayer; 

2. preaching God's Word and administrating His Holy Sacraments; 

3. showing the love of Christ by reaching out to others through works of charity; and 

4. upholding Christian family values and teaching the Christian faith and New Testament morality to our children.



1. To grow in understanding of and participation in the corporate worship services of the Church; 

2. to read Holy Scripture daily; and 

3. to love God and our Neighbor more fully.

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